36 km away from Drama, in the east of the 57 national road, we find the first mountain village of the area at the foot of Mount Falakro, the picturesque Volakas, with its tiled roofs, old stone houses and everything that conveys the sense of tradition.

The traditional cuisine with the country-style sausages of Volakas, the roasted baby goats and other such delicacies are famous throughout the region and are waiting to be tasted by visitors, firing their gastronomic imagination.

In the village, there is a primary school and a kindergarten, which have been housed in a newly built two-storey building since 1988. The active "Cultural Association of Volakas", founded in 1981, preserves and continues the local traditions and customs through its activities.

Moreover, the Sports Gym Club "Doxa" in Volakas, founded in 1977, has been competing in the Drama Football Club Association championships since its foundation.

An important religious monument of the area is the church of Profitis Elias (Prophet Elijah) that dominates the center of Volakas. It was built in 1841 by local builders through fundraisings and contributions from the inhabitants. It is a three-nave wooden-roofed basilica with an impressive bell tower that was constructed on 17-6-1887. From the original temple, the only items preserved are the wood-carved iconostasis with the Bema door, the Bishop’s throne and some frescoes. In 1967 a new church was founded right next to the old one, which now operates only on All Souls’ Days.

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